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The Goodland Elks Lodge 1528 honored our Law Men and Women at their Spring Fling Dinner and Dance celebration on Saturday, February 27, 2016. 

Sheriff Burton Pianalto was awarded the “Elks Officer of the Year” Award, from the Goodland Elks on Saturday, February 27, 2016. Burton was presented a plaque during the Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner. Congratulations Burton, for an award that is well deserved!

The Elks Lodge also awarded the “Elks Distinguished Citizen of the Year” Award to Dawn Jolly, Genesis and Salvation Army County Coordinator.  She is very deserving of this award for all of her hard work and dedication to helping others.

Thank you to the Goodland Elks Lodge for all that they do for our community as well!

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Sheriff Burton Pianalto is providing a “Safe Spot” for citizens who are conducting online transactions with people they do not know and they need to conduct a face to face transaction to complete the transaction.  The Sheriff wants you to know you can make those transactions in the front lobby or the parking lot of the Sheriff’s Office (813 ½ Broadway) for your safety. 

Online transactions are becoming more and more popular and the Sheriff wants to ensure citizens are safe.  The front lobby and parking lot has 24 hour video surveillance and there is a Sheriff’s deputy within a few feet to help if you are feeling threatened.  The Sheriff says that by telling the person you want to meet at the Sheriff’s office, you will ward off criminals and will also keep you from being scammed or attacked.  If the individual you are doing business with does not want to complete the transaction at the Sheriff’s Office, then that signals a red flag that something is not right.  The Sheriff’s Office will not get involved unless they observe that something is going wrong. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Sheriff Pianalto at 890-4835.

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